Disposal Facility Sydney

Disposal Facility Sydney: Enviro Waste Services Group’s liquid and hazardous waste service is ideal for customers who generate any form of bulk liquid or sludge waste. Typical generators of this waste stream include restaurants, vehicle or mechanical equipment wash facilities, laboratories, households and any other industrial pit or tank clearing operation.

Enviro Waste Services Group collects, treats and disposes of liquid waste as well as various industrial, hazardous and dangerous goods waste products packaged in containers, drums or bins.  All Enviro Waste Services Group liquid and hazardous waste collection and disposal services are compliant with the relevant regulatory bodies.

Waste is conveniently and safely packaged and collected from laboratories, maintenance areas or store rooms and securely transported to our licenced disposal and/or recycling facilities.


Waste codes & descriptions

J120 Waste oil/hydrocarbons mixtures/emulsions in water

  • Vehicle washwaters
  • Boiler blowdown sludge
  • Cooling tower washwaters
  • Textile effluent & residues nos
  • Industrial plant washwaters
  • Ethylene glycol-warter (antifreeze)
  • Oil/hydrocarbon (<50%) mixed with water
  • Oil/hydrocarbon (>50%) mixed with water
  • Other (cutting oils, soluble oils)
  • Oil/hydrocarbon mixed with water nos

Z140 Non-controlled liquids

  • Non-controlled liquids



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